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Finding your wedding theme

Cammie Liberty

Cammie is excited to return to catering after moving back to Fairfield in June 2016...

Cammie is excited to return to catering after moving back to Fairfield in June 2016...

Jul 23 2 minutes read

It’s no secret that planning a wedding these days is a complicated process requiring endless decision-making. Will you have a band or a DJ? What will the bridesmaids wear? Chocolate or vanilla cake? With so many options to choose from it can be completely overwhelming. That is why it’s helpful to pick a theme for your wedding and stick with it! Now I’m not talking “Hawaiian Luau” or “80’s Night” type themes here. And it’s sort of an outdated tradition to have “wedding colors.” But to narrow down your choices, you need to stay in one lane so that you don’t completely lose your mind with all the options that are out there!

When I was planning my wedding six years ago, I found Pinterest to be an invaluable resource. Once I started pinning images that appealed to me - dresses, flowers, food, table settings, even just artwork that appealed to me! - a theme emerged. My wedding turned out to have a sort of “Rustic Elegance” theme. We had beautiful, naturally arranged flowers, burlap overlays on the table, the food was passed on wood platters and there lots and lots of twinkling votive candles throughout the tent.

Your theme will naturally extend to the food too. We served my great grandmother’s tomato risotto - can’t get much more rustic than that! And yet, paired with filet and halibut, the plate was elegant as well.

A cohesive theme also appeals to guests who will come away with a real feeling of your style as a couple and the things that are important to you.

Happy planning!

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