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Top 5 Considerations when Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Suzy Dale

No caterer knows Fairfield county better than Suzy Dale. Suzy was raised in New Canaan, Connecticut...

No caterer knows Fairfield county better than Suzy Dale. Suzy was raised in New Canaan, Connecticut...

Jul 23 2 minutes read

It’s your big day. You want it to be an awesome day. We completely understand. And the people preparing and serving your food play an important role in making your day complete. So we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider when hiring a caterer:

  1. Reviews, reviews, reviews - Who better to vouch for the quality of your catering than someone who has already experienced it? Check the online reviews, call former clients. The few extra minutes of research is well worth it.

  1. Personal attention - Last minute menu changes, questions, special requests. These are just a few examples of why you need a catering company with which you have a direct line to the person in-charge.

  1. Staff - Not to be forgotten are the people serving at your wedding. Smiling faces and a “customer is always right” attitude are a must. Find a caterer that knows you and your guests come first - no questions asked.

  1. Communication - You will speak to your caterer no fewer than 10 times leading up to your wedding. Find someone with which you are comfortable picking up the phone for a quick chat. Do they return your calls in time? Do you feel a personal connection and friendship with your caterer? Why shouldn’t you develop a friendship?

  1.  Food prep and quality - Who is person making the food for your wedding? We pride ourselves on delivering food prepared by Suzy Dale. It’s the type of food that says this was made just for me. It didn’t come off a corporate catering line. And don’t be afraid to ask for a few menu samples before committing to your caterer of choice.

Best of luck in your catering hunting! Contact us if we can help in any way!


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